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Black Knight wrote:
"fatsteve" <internet@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
The speakers on my tv are stuffed. The sound goes in and out (up and
down) for no reason and it is extremely annoying. Instead of getting it
repaired or buying a new tv I was thinking about buying some speakers to
hook up to the 360. Does anyone have a suggestion for some not too
expensive but decent speakers that will do this?

You can just buy a set of cheap speakers, but they need to be amplified
in some way. I have an old set of Altec Lansing speakers that I take
with me whenever I go somewhere with my 360. They have their own small
power source and sound great on their own. If you can get a decent pair
os speakers with a power source, then try that. You will need a
composite adapter cord for the red/white audio plugs coming from the 360.
The adapter I have is not the same as this, but you would need something
close to this;lst

As a temporary solution I am using a cheap (read very cheap) set of usb
powered speakers they
power up fine using the 360's usb port, along with an adaptor cable
similar to the one you described, female sockets for red and white audio
on one end and a female socket for the speakers 3.5mm jack on the other
end. the sound is not great but these work fine for now until I find
something better at a good price

Excellent - yeah, the audio cable I use is also what you are describing to
having to use. I actually use mine to input into my PC's sound card, and
play the 360 on my PC monitor. I use that same cord for whenever I go to
the camp or something. Makes for a nice quick solution.