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What's missing for you guys this gen?<

For me, what's missing is a few million senior players my age, 50+.
Most games, like most movies, are made with the teenage audience in
mind. Which is understandable, since few adults over age 40 play
videogames, so our market is still very small and underexploited.  I
have personally have played some 200 video games, mostly shooters,
over the last 4 years, or about one a week.
Personally, while I like the adrenaline rush of shooting and combat, I
also like some kind of plot or story. For example, I'm right now
playing Star Wars The Force Unleashed. It has nice graphics, and lots
of swordplay and relentless combat, but not much story sophistication
compared to the older KOTOR and Revenge of the Sith. So while the teen
set obviously likes it because of all the non-stop "action," for me
it's repetitive and boring and mostly mindless. KOTOR had a very good
storyline and character development, but I guess that does not appeal
much to teen players.
Also, teens take it as a personal challenge where they have to "beat"
the game. I play it just for the fun as well as to exercise the mind
and reflexes. I don't mind using cheats to get through the game
without the constant frustration of getting killed and having to
respawn again and again. It's not a macho thing for me at my age
because I know that the programmers can make the game as hard or as
easy as they choose to, because it's just software. It's not human.
Obviously, online play is different, because there it is a test of
skills against other players. Playing bots doesn't really mean much
one way or the other.

So, what is missing is  a significant market for more mature video
games that can be profitable..

I agree, 40 is just around the corner for me and most games these days
make me wanna pull out my brain and leave it to the side while I play
because I don't need it. I just got done with Gears2 and I'm
dissapointed , I guess when the first one came out it was somwhat of a
console graphical achievement,but now it just looks dated linear game.

The multiplayer is pretty good, but the SP campaign is kinda crappy
remix of the first campaign.

What do you think of the COD (Call of Duty)., MOH (Medal of Honor),
BIA (Brothers in Arms) or other similar military shooters?
I have no complaint with most of those, though I only play as single
player and not online. I didn't care for GOW1.Too juvenile for my
taste, with those ridiculous cartoonish muscles and dialogue. I like
the more realistic looking games rather than the fantasy or cartoonish
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I generally like all shooters ,but I tend to favor the more realistic
vairety too,like Rainbow Six Vegas , COD4 was masterpiece though I
loved the immersion factor of the SP and the MP was awesome and still
is. Once I finally went online though I knew I was home, there's just
no replacement for playing against an actual human . Although the bots
are a great idea in Gears and work decent ,but they're
predictable ,but a human on the other hand can do so many differnt
things in just one game.

I loved Brother's In Arms first game, but each sequel sorta dumbed
down the find, fix,flank,fire technic that I loved so much,. I know
they wanted to open up the game to the casual FPS shooter crowd and I
can't blame them ,they gotta pay bills . But I would've liked to see
the only way to beat the game was to use the find,fire,fix and
flanking manuevers. Instead you could just pick em off with headshots
like a generic run forward shooter and beat the game that way.