Re: Sony: PS3 sales 30% higher than predicted for '08

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Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) CEO Jack Tretton has told Reuters
that PlayStation 3 sales this fiscal year are 30% higher than predicted. As
a result, Tretton expects the console to break its ten million sales target
by March 2009.

This headstart gives SCEA something of a safety net in the face of dismal
market conditions. "Sales could slow down and we will still hit our number,"
boasted Tretton.

The videogame industry as a whole has proven remarkably resistant to
economic slowdown: UK and Ireland retailer Game Group, for instance,
recently reported a 33.4% jump in profits for the six months ending July 31
2008. One contributing factor may be the greater value-for-money proposition
offered by videogames as against the likes of film and cinema.

Poor Sony stock.