Re: Microsoft trumped with Netflix: LG announce streaming BD Player

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Robert P Holley <holle...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Jul 31, 2:19?am, Creamy <SwamMol...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
So this 'major coup' that MS had at e3 is loking even more like a damp

I thought the "major coup" was them stealing FFXIII from the PS3? At
least that's what put all the fangirls into rage mode.

Damn, FFXIII on the X360. Who would have thunk it? I bet that must
have been a kick in the groin for you, huh?

Silly Robert.  Everyone knows that this generation of game consoles is all
about the movies - not games.  I mean, why else would the sony-trolls be
truempetting blu-ray as if it's the PS3's best, and only, feature?

Man, Microsoft is really sunk because even Wall-E on the 360 has outsold the
total number of blu-rays sold during the same period.

Did anyone try that demo? It really is a piece of garbage as far as
gameplay is concerned. Graphics aren't bad, though... considering...