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On May 3, 1:15 pm, Blig Merk <blig_m...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The alMIGHTY N wrote:
Your previous post stated that it was wrong to use the term as a noun
rather than a verb, which is why I stated that the term has evolved in
the context of online message forums. Regardless of whether you agree
with the validity of this evolution, the fact of the matter is that
"troll" is now used as a noun describing a person who "trolls."

You still aren't getting it and you are just flat out wrong. The term
has not "evolved" any more than ignorantly switching between using
"you're" with "your" and "loose" with "lose" from each other has
"evolved" through widespread misuse.

The fact of the matter is that *you* are still not getting it and
*you* "are just flat out wrong." What you've presented is a strawman
argument - the differences between "you're" and "your" have nothing to
do with what we're talking about.

You describe simple misspellings or grammatical mismatches. A person
who writes "your" instead of "you're" intended "your" but perhaps did
it in haste or just didn't learn the difference. The terms are not
interchangeable and one is not an "acceptable" replacement for the

In the case of "troll" versus "troller," the term, as it used on the
Internet, *originated* from the fishing term but does not have to
follow the same rules and grammar as said term. It is being used in an
entirely different domain and context and thus can evolve differently
(especially when the domain is something as "new" as the Internet).

An example of this is "e-mail." The term obviously originated from the
regular postal mail we get day in and out. However, one can acceptably
state that they received "an e-mail" whereas one could not acceptably
state that they received "a mail" (mail is defined, as a noun, as a
*collection* of items, each of which are referred to as "a piece of
mail" or something along those lines).

In other words, just because in the original context, a fisherman who
trolled would be called a troller doesn't mean that in the new
Internet context, a poster who trolls has to be called a troller.
Internet slang terms that become an acceptable part of the English
language are often twists on existing words.

For whatever reason, you want to take the side of spreading
illiteracy. Take your example. One who trolls is therefore a troll.
Now, let's extend that. One who runs is a run. One who walks is a
walk. One who sleeps is a sleep. One who dines is a dine. Need we go

No, you've done a fine job of adding a second strawman argument to
your first one. One who trolls on the Internet is called a troll. One
who runs is called a runner. One who walks is called a walker. One who
sleeps is called a sleeper. One who dines is called a diner. All of
these are accepted parts of the English language.

A troll is an activity when it is a verb. When it is a noun,
it is a mythical monster that lives in a cave or under a bridge.

I see. Every single word in the English language has only one
definition. Gotcha.

who trolls is a troller, not a troll.

Yes - someone who trolls on a body of water is a troller.

How braindead simple can this be
made for you to understand that?

I think I've made it exceedingly simple enough that even someone of as
low intelligence as you can understand it. It's especially amusing
when someone who uses terms like "Xflop threeshitty" and "braindead
xbot fanbitches" tries to claim that they know anything about the
English language.

To not realize this is to demonstrate supreme ineducable illiteracy.

I agree - for you to not realize when your argument has been so
soundly debunked is a demonstration of supreme ineducable illiteracy.

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