Re: Report - PS3 is Pontentially Superior To Xbox 360

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"Ever since the launch of the PlayStation 3, Sony has been heralding
it as the most powerful console available, although Microsoft would
claim the Xbox 360 was equivalent in terms of potential. These days,
though, it seems more and more developers are starting to uncover
aspects of the PS3 that could be shifting the balance of power in
favor of Sony. Take THQ's Jeff Carroll, for example.

In speaking to at THQ's Gamers Day event in San
Francisco this past week, Carroll said the PS3 has the potential to
"achieve better graphics than the Xbox 360." Carroll is the associate
producer of the upcoming Red Faction: Guerilla, and he believes that
once devs decide to dig further into the PS3, they will "find a very
powerful system underneath." If you're not aware of the premise in his
game, we must inform you that THQ is changing the standard first-
person format to a a third-person format for this new RF installment.
It will enjoy a simultaneous release on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC
during THQ's fiscal year 2009, and we're certainly looking forward to
it. When prompted, Carroll said they feel as if they're "doing rather
well with the PS3."

"We have been getting the physics system, the Havok system and our own
proprietary destruction system running on the SPUs, as well as our
animations. We're seeing quite a decent speed improvement now that
we've effectively got that running on the SPUs instead of the CPUs."

Of course, it was no secret that many developers were having serious
trouble getting accustomed to the more complex hardware in the PS3.
Obviously, it was no picnic early on for Carroll's team, either, but
once they got into it, everything apparently started to gel. He said
they "felt a tremendous pressure right at the beginning to learn as
much as they could about the PS3," and they just had to expend more
effort. In the end, when asked if he thought we'd see better graphics
on the PS3 than on the Xbox 360, Carroll said-

"I think potentially you will. I think early on people are going to be
struggling to figure out exactly how to make the PS3 work. But I think
once they do they will see it's a very powerful system underneath."


Bad news for Xbox gamers.

How so? Here's a concise summary of the article:

With significant effort, developers may be able to get better
graphical performance out of the Playstation 3 at some point in the

They kept hoping that the developers would
never get comfortable and figure out PS3's hardware.

Nope. We simply kept stating that developers were having trouble
getting to the point where they could easily develop a game so it had
the same performance on both systems.

Most development studios still haven't gotten to a point where they
can easily develop a game for both platforms with no significant
effort towards the Playstation 3 version.

The bold claims
that Xbox is superior to PS3 are now quiet whispers.

Jonah's been late coming back from his winter break. Don't worry,
he'll be back in top form soon enough.

The Xbox 360's games are indeed superior to the Playstation 3's games
still. Once developers have had more experience with the Cell
architecture, you'll start to see a more consistent quality to
Playstation 3 releases (most notably the exclusives).

Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy XIII should all
be very good as far as performance is concerned. Then again, these
games have been in development for years and the studios have had
access to development technology from Sony for much longer than other
studios thanks to their relationships with the mother ship.

I don't think the question has ever been about the superiority of the
Playstation 3's hardware from the purest perspective. The Cell
processor is indeed a superior CPU. The problem is actually utilizing
it. There's a lot of potential to do great things, namely in physics,
environments, etc. with the Cell, but the popular notion is that it
will be a long time before developers are experienced enough working
with it in order to take significant advantage.

At this point, most developers are struggling just to get the
Playstation 3 to *match* the performance of the Xbox 360. They've
still got a long way to go before they can make Playstation 3 games or
the Playstation 3 versions of games consistently and significantly

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