Re: Army of Two

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Terminator TV sucks hard like most new shows these days.

I wouldn't call it "bad" just "mediocre." The problem with network TV
these days isn't that it's blatantly awful (as it has been for most of
the past). TV has become respectable enough that quality film
directors, producers, actors, and writers have come on-board and given
it a higher quality than it *once* had. The problem is that it's still
so lame, predictable, and pedestrian. The dialogue is better. The
production values are better. But the essence of network TV cowardice
(a stubborn resistance to anything which really takes a chance or
might offend anyone) remains. So what you get is a sea, not of shit,
but of mediocrity.

The Terminator TV series has had only one moment where it broke the
mold a little (in the recent episode where the little anorexic
Terminator let the bad guys kill the ballet teacher and her brother).
But otherwise it has been completely pedestrian and rote--like a
respectable quality paint-by-the-numbers copy of a much better
original painting. It's sad too, because there is obviously real
potential there. But it will never be developed on a network show.

For the truly good stuff on TV, you have to go to cable. HBO,
Showtime, Scifi (that first season of Battlestar Galactica is one of
the most incredible things I've ever seen on television), Comedy
Central, Adult Swim--that's where the REAL quality is at on TV.