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Hello all,
Well I wish I could say that I was impressed by the posts posted by
alvinstraigh...@xxxxxxxxxxx, swam_mol...@xxxxxxxxxxx and
blig_m...@xxxxxxxxxxx just to name 3, for being straight forward, to
point and full of CORRECT information, but I can't say I was impressed
at all.
The simple reason is because almost every post was full of nothing
but misread, misunderstood or misleading information taken out of
context from who knows where...

So in the interest of getting some actual real and non-bias
information out to you all. I did a little google homework and within,
oh I don't know maybe 15 minutes I found multiple sites, and here are
just 3 with the following information...

As you will notice if you care to visit the sites the first two pages
are taken straight from figures from a japanese company called
who makes the Japan Game Charts...and the third page is from PC

this page shows the following information as of this month february

total wide for this year so far...

wii....44.3 %
5.3 in japan////9.5 in america////6.9 in other
total 21.9 million

XBOX 360...34.8 %
58 in japan////11.1 in america////5.6 in other
total 17.2 million

PS3...20.9 %
1.9 in japan////4.0 in america////4.3 in other
total 10.3 million

this site as of 2-22-08 shows the total sales on a weekly breakdown if
you care to actually see the numbers...

as of the week of february 22, 2008

wii 214,128
PS3 163,681
360 131,609

but even with the PS3 out selling the 360 by a whole whopping (
) 32,000 units, the 360 is still so far ahead of the PS3 by almost 7
million, you do the math and see how long it will take for
the PS3 to catch up...

Take that 17 Million and remove 17% (RROD) and that will give you the
amount of working xboxes in homes. Sony then is much closer to take
360 then.

Those have all been replaced so the 17 million (give or take a few)
are working in homes.


Most but not all. I have heard of, and know one personally, that just
theirs out when MS was initially charging to have them fixed. 1 person I
know purchased 2 and when one of them went bad he just threw it out as
Pathetically stupid move on his part. I would have purchased it from him
had it fixed. Not everyone knows they can get it fixed and that a 3 year
warranty exist.

Also don't forget that there are quite a few more other things failing on
the 360 besides RROD. MS doesn't fix those failures and most people get
pissed they just call it a wash and throw it out or purchase something

If not for these hardware issues I honestly think MS would be nearing the
million mark. They did (actually they still are) a piss poor job of
these defects.

How many people do you really think would just throw away a $400 piece
of electronics?

BTW. I should have just come out and said more people than you think.
I have recently replaced 8 appliances in the past few years because we had a
voltage problem in my neighborhood. We (the whole neighborhood) threatened
to sue the electric company and they eventually repaired our area. I would
say that was upwards of 4K my wife and I had to spend to replace everything.
People throw out expensive items all the times.

This is very different than throwing out an Xbox 360 a few months in
just because you thought you'd have to pay a hundred bucks to repair

If my appliances stopped working, the first thing I would do is get
someone in to assess the problem and get an estimate for repair. It
would probably become apparent very quickly if it was a voltage issue
at which point I would have been all over the utility company with or
without a lawsuit.

It just seems odd that people would resort to chucking something so

Why do you think they call others people trash your treasure?

Because I'm always throwing out my chests of gold doubloons from my
pirating days.