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Wow, what an insane game!

It's a COD4 wannabe. that doesn't measure up to being a wannabe.

Rainbow 6 Vegas two is all that's on my radar.

Me too, and honestly, COD4 doesn't hold up against RSV in MP, too
much to do, more weapons, bigger maps and I can host and people can
find the game and join it. It is my top MP game of all time on the
360. COD4 is 3rd, I won't say what is second, lest I get flamed,

i was not impressed with frontlines it seemed to me anyways that it
would be fun but the targeting system is horrible and when you very
clearly on your screen hit some one 5 times with a sniper bullet and
they then proceed to hit you with assult rifle fire from across the
map you seem to wonder WTF is the point of this lag fest of a game.
COD4 pwns

COD4 rocks, I cannot put it away. Considering it has aiming shooting
issues (especially bullets going through enemies), and losing host
connection, it is awesome. Frontlines wasn't very polisged for a
demo, considering how close it is too release (I think next week), I
don't see much of an improvement from what it shows. It does allow
for 32 players, but that is the only bonus. COD4 would be real if it
could support 24 players, 32 would be too many for the style it is.

Since you added me to your friends list I have never seen you on so much playing one game. You are playing it more then me and I usually play more then anyone I know. Seek help. Or maybe I should play against your ass and beat you so bad you'll never want to play again! ;-) jokn of course

I know you're joking, it is all in fun anyway, so you don't have to tell me I suck, I know it :-).
You would kick my ass, because even though I have the better weapons and perks, I only really doubled my kill average to about 13 a game, that's how bad I am at shooters. I played with a guy yesterday who is better than anyone I have ever seen, and he would kill you or anyone I've played. I am not exaggerating, this guy averaged (we played about 12-13 rounds in a row) about 45-55 kills a game and got 81 in one of them. His lowest was 29 and he is going through his second round of prestige.

What is your rank now?

Just shy major general.

R6V question.
I never really got into that game. I played it a few times online (maybe 4 hours worth). Is it slower paced then COD4? Can you cook grenades and throw them a How is the accuracy of the weapons / net code? COD4 is my favorite game yet but it does have a little problem with accuracy on some weapons.

It depends on the game mode in MP. What you and I know as 'deathmatches' in COD would be 'team sharpshooter' in RSV, but all weapons are used. It is as fast paced as COD4, but you have more weapons, and unlock better body armor and more powerful guns as you rank up, which is way harder to do on RSV than on COD4, that's challenging. The guns hit, they hit and take people down, I never expereinced shoot through where people could get away without dying, but the realism of the guns usage plays a big part on what you want to do, about the same as COD4 (like recoil,etc).

The weapons are accurate, but realistic in how much recoil they have according to weapons types. The one thing I do like about COD4 is the fact you can shoot through walls, and kill enemies by vehicles that will explode, RSV doesn't allow this, but shooting through thin walls/objects will be part of RSV2. But greande effect are better in RSV, where if I am behind a box in COD4 and a grenade lands near me, I won't get hurt. In RSV, though the box may protect me, the explosion effects will disorient me from the blast and I will be blurred in vision for a few seconds, you know what happens there. Incendiary grenades will kills anyone, even behind objects (I wish they had these in COD4).

To be honest though, the lag was bad at time, about like COD4 but got better with a fix, which came out fast too. COD4 blows away RSV,and in graphics and effects COD4 can't be touched, but I would rather have the realism and the better weapons choice. Anyway, they are really two different games, where COD is military style run-n-gun, and RSV is way more tactical