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Well its finally happened, one of my launch 360's has a problem.

My son was playng on it last night and it got the 3 red lights. He turned it off then back on again and all seemed normal. After playing a game for 15 minutes the 360 would just freeze with corrupt graphics displaying but no red lights. Did the same again and turned it off and on, started playing but again it just froze with the corrupt graphics.

Well this morning, I turned it on and started to play, but this time I had 2 red lights, top left and bottom left.

I phoned Microsoft and said that they would charge for the repair because the 360 wasn't 3 red lights all the time.

Question is...How can I make it RROD?

Oh, please no fanboyish remarks as I really need help here.

Don't you think that your request is unethical, let alone dishonest? You want to force a RRoD so you can get it covered? You had it for over 2 years and you were an early adopter. If your PS3 goes to hell over a year from now, will you be pissed when Sony won't cover it?

Tom the 360 hardware from top to bottom is complete garbage. MS with the whole 3 year "LIMITED" warranty was equally garbage. I would do anything possible to get the 3 RROD if it happens to me with only 2 lights or a disc drive. Comparing Sony this time around isn't a fair comparison. They didn't rush shoddy hardware to the market to beat out the competition, MS did.

I agree with you entirely and frankly, if I could buy only one system right now, it would be the PS3. However, I could only buy the PS3 if I had absolutely no experience whatsoever with the 360. Having used the 360 for over 2 years, I would definitely not feel at home with the PS3. I would wonder where all of the features went.

In terms of durability, which is usually my number one concern when it comes to consoles, Sony is really beating the crap out of the 360. Having heard all of the horror stories, I would not want to buy a 360 now. Nevertheless, the systems made after the first year seem to be pretty sturdy. I have a February 2007 unit myself and it's a very reliable unit so far.