Re: COD4 is the most played game on XBL

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Halo 3 sold more
COD4 is played more

It should be pointed out ...

That was just last week... the week before, Halo3 was played more.

Titles usually go down on that list, not up.  It' s interesting,
because Gears of War held the top spot on Live for nearly a year until
Halo 3 came out and knocked it off.  Most assumed that Halo 3 would go
at least that long.  This is pretty shocking.

I'm not all that shocked, considering COD4 (360) was the top selling
December game across all platforms.  It's a popular game..- Hide quoted text -

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Halo 3 sold more in its first day than COD4 has TO DATE, which is
saying a lot. Gears of War lasted a lot longer with far less hoopla.
For Halo 3 to be dethroned this early is a tremendous upset. The only
reason you're not shocked is likely because you've been living under a
rock. This is a tremendous accomplishment for Infinity Ward.

I don't think so. There was a lot of pent-up interest in COD4 due to
COD3 being total shit.