Re: Inside Source Reveal the Truth About Xbox 360 "Red Ring of Death" Failures

No, it isn't a lcal thing, it is the servers on their site. He can
play COD4 with no issues. UT3 isn't that bad, but it does lag a bit.
Which makes me wonder of there were a good deal more players onlione,
what that would incur. I didn't see him play it online, he just
mentioned it. I saw him playing it in campaign mode, and it looks
nice; very Gears looking.

Yea just about all of UT3's graphics look like it was taken from a page in
the gears art book. :)

Yes, but with console gaming now being a huge part of online gaming
(which is why I don't do PC gaming much anymore), it is why I play it
the most. Before the first Xbox, I was playing my PC and Nintendo
games on about a 90%-10% ratio respectively. XBL has saved me
thousands in newer PC hardware.

Yea the price tag on PC gaming is the reason I dropped PC gaming for the
most part. Shelling out tons of money every few months to be able to
compete on a decent level with people is annoying. Console gaming levels
the playing field, and I find skill the determining factor for good gamers
than better hardware.

I want those games for the PS3, but no
exclusives have multiplayer (except for Warhawk, and it doesn't have a
main player/campaign/story mode). The only games I know on the PS3
exclusively that will have MP is Haze and Killzone2. That's not enough
to justify for me to fork out over $600 for the console, games, and HD
connectors (and even possibly more a rumble controller) at this point.
Online gaming is what I like most, and XBL still rules with the games
in that aspect over the PS3 since almost all of them are Live capable.

No argument there. PSN still has a way to go to compete with XBL. Although
I have canceled my gold account because I recently move into a new home
without an ethernet connection in the living room. I ended up moving my
XBox to my PC monitor upstairs. I may start to get more XBox games now that
I have to compete with my wife for the main telly!!! haha.

Have you seen resistance? They have a sequal coming out as well.

When Sony Home is released and if it does anything like XBL (and Sony
will have to rpovide the servers too), I may get into it.

Lots of hope and anticipation riding on Home. I am hopeful though.