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With that said, the last time I was tested I had 20/15 vision. I very much
see the difference between standard DVD and HD, though I have to admit that
my girlfriend does not. Running a DVD on a computer, I will see the effects
of an interlaced image regularly. Running an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray on the said
computer, I will not. However, if I show the exact same movie in standard
and HD to my girlfriend, she does not see the difference in sharpness. I
should mention that my girlfriend, with contacts, obtains 20/20 vision.

It's not whether you see the difference or not, it's if you see the
difference on you TV size at the distance you sit from it. There was
an article posted in this thread. For a 50" TV, to fully see 1080p
resolution, the average person must be about 7 feet from your TV. Few
people would have their living room set up like that, so they are just
fooling themselves about how great their Blu-ray looks. MOst folks
probably sit 10 feet away, at which point you can't see anything above
720p on a 50" TV. Most people have smaller TVs than that and sit
further away. I'm sure there are millions of homes that have TV
setups where they are sitting too far from their TV to even see the
full resolution of their new HD sets. You're sold on the quality of
HD by standing 2 feet from the set in a big box store.

Sure, it will look better than other TVs, but many people are buying
technology that they aren't fully benefitting from.

One thing that is very noticeable, however, is the colour. No matter how
much you would like to discard the importance of HD to movie buffs, both
HD-DVD and Blu-Ray display exceptionally bright colours compared with DVD.
Whether people will realize that HD media is responsible for that or whether
they believe it is simply the quality of the TV set remains to be seen.- Hide quoted text -

Blu-ray may use a slightly higher color depth, I'm not certain, but I
sure haven't noticed DVDs to be bad color. You need to make sure you
are separating the video source benefits from the video display