Re: Xbox Ultimate?

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There are plenty of games to play on the PS3 "now".

No doubt. I keep wanting to give COD4 MP some more time as you and others
suggest it becomes more addictive the more you play, but at the moment I
just don't have the gaming time what with all those other games I'm playing.
Heck, I haven't even played UT MP yet, as I'm just going through the single
player at the momenet (I'm new to the series so I'm learning via the single
player), but R&C is taking up most of my gaming time now that I finished at
least 1 pass through Uncharted.

Like I said, the problem I have right now is TOO MANY games and not enough

I'm trying to force myself to finish Halo 3 right now. I also just
rented Orange Box so I have to get through that in the next week or
so. I'm still playing Uncharted. I'm still playing Assassin's Creed. I
feel like I'm in quicksand.