Re: Epic Embraces PS3 With Open Arms

You mean I have to keep on playing Halo,,,,dont throw me into the fire!!!
<alvinstraight38@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
A recent article revealed why Epic selected the PS3 has the console of
choice for UT3.
In a nutshell, the PS3 welcomes user created content (mods) without
forcing customers to pay for it.

As for Xbox, who knows? MS wants to control everything, nickel and
dime consumers so it is unlikely that they would allow content on Live
that originates from users. Image the horror. Instead of Xbox arcade
titles that they can charge for, users would get to enjoy free games!
Oh you can't have that with MS!!

Yet, the PS3 is about giving users freedom to do what they want. If
anyone has ever played a UT title then you should know that mods are a
huge part of the game. UT is one of the most modded titles. PC gamers
have enjoyed completely new full conversion mods such as Red
Orchestra. PS3 owners can relax and enjoy a title that will have tons
of replay value while Xbots can, hmmm, well I guess u can keep on
playing Halo!