Re: please insert this disc into a 360 blah blah blah

Even if you destroy the packaging Wal-Mart will take it back with a
receipt for 90days but they most likely can't re-sell it in their retail
store they'll have to send it to an outlet that specializes in opened
items like Big Lots for instance. As long as you have the barcode,but I
have seem them take an item back without one.

I like to keep the packaging mint ,just my thing, they will put it right
back on the shelf if done so and still urn a 100% profit,no harm no

I'll admit its a bit of a grey area doing so, but hey a 90 warranty is
there for a reason,why not use it. Wal-Mart is not exactly a company
with a benchmark for integrity.

Piracy on the other would be like me walking into Wal-Mart and stealing
the item and never looking back.