Re: BioShock: A Total Piece of GARBAGE

Your entitled to your opinion, but I must point out some things you've
While playing Bioshock I notice that if you stick to the main story, you
can progress and 'miss' allot of the side rooms for exploration. If you
don't already know ,the main mission will give you an overhead arrow to
follow for game completion.But I ignored the arrow because if you
blindly follow it, you'll miss allot ,actually there's an option to turn
it off in the menu screen. The game 'is not' a linear as you say it is.
If you follow the arrow's mission storyline ,you'll beat the game
prematurely and miss quite a large chunk of the game. If you travel off
the beaten path you'll find weapon upgrades and added bio powers,plus a
ton of plot elements from numerous audio diaries. There's many
instances I've found numerous pathway's to an area, this game is linear
in some ways,but not as linear as a corridor shooter. Actually in the
early stages there's 5 doors to travel into and explore and to complete
the game, you only need to go through one of them. Maybe you didn't find
them or blindly followed the mission arrow ,which if followed will lead
you past many huge areas and side plots to encounter. I took my time
exploring every corner of Bioshock and even found an 'Invisibility'
upgrade, from taking pictures of the splicers.I'll agree Bioshock wasn't
the hardest game, but turning up the difficulty helps ,and the Big
Daddies aren't exactly easy, if you have to face them in close quarters.
Taking my time exploring every corner made Bioshock a 20 hour game for
me,but had I followed the mission arrow, I easily would've missed more
than 1/2 the entire game. The last boss battle was a joke, I'll give you
that, but it was a visually nice treat.Bioshock wasn't perfect by any
standards and many reviewers pointed this out, but as a whole ,its a
great game, and your definitely in the minority if you think its
complete garbage.