Re: WTF Game Scores Mass Effect Vs. Uncharted

On Nov 21, 9:06 am, "RKRM" <r...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am stunned that Mass Effect (Got it haven't played it yet) is getting
better reviews because of
attention to detail, story and graphics. BUT has some issues. Some issues?
According to GameSpot and IGN it has clipping problems that could actually
get your dude caught in a wall, sometimes buttons just quit working,
sometimes the whole game just locks up, the squad based controls are useless
and other issues with the controls etc. Meanwhile Uncharted (Got it, played
it, beat it, loved it) has incredible
attention tto detail a fantastic story outstanding visuals and no such
"issues". Yet it scores lower. Don't get it. With all the unlockable stuff
on the Uncharted disc it's basicly a special edition with tons of behind the
scenes stuff. Very cool indeed.

Mass Effect looks like it is going to redefine console RPGs.
Uncharted just looks like a really good game in the Tomb Raiders mold,
that won't redefine Tomb Raider games.

- Rich