Re: Call of Duty 4, which is better?

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Which version is better, 360 or PS3? And why?
I bought the 360 version of CoD3 and liked it. But what about the new one?
Which should I get?

Danny Biggerstaff

They do look the same. I would say if you are concerned with online
play, then go for the 360 version.

Actually if you are concerned about online play get the PS3 version.
It plays better online. No lag on PSN vs lagfest on LIVE.

And I suppose you bought both games for both systems and were able to verify this statement by playing both games at the same time during the same hours?

Sure did.
I am a 32 rank on the PS3 and a Prestige 19 on the 360. I ended up selling off my PS3 version because of my friends list but PSN plays significantly better than LIVE on this particular title. Not that this is much of a shock to me since all the games I have played on PSN so far are near flawless.

I'll have to say that watching MP on the PS3 at my buddies does seem to not have issues. But then again, PSN doesn't have the online players that XBL has, not that is is an excuse, but I wonder how well PSN would hold up (or the game servers that are provided from whoever) if they had the masses that XBL has. Personally, I have experienced lag only once in MP on XBL, and that was when the host finally lost connection, everyone lagged also because of that. I have heard others complain of lag, when myself and many others said they weren't getting any, which means their ISP has latency issues/bad pings.

I know it has nothing to do with my connection. My connection flies. I have heard hundreds of people complain on XBL while playing COD4. It's not players connection issues but XBL itself. Even IW is blaming XBL for COD4 running poorly on it. There are a lot of problems with COD4 on XBL and both MS and IW need to get them fixed. A couple of my friends are already so discouraged with it's performance that they have already given up on the game. Maybe you are not playing it enough or you are just one of the rare few that are not experiencing these issues. One thing for sure IW needs to fix is the server switching host when a host decides to quit. It's a pain in the ass to have host quit mid game.

Perhaps you're right, but I truly have not experienced lag but for the one time I mentioned. But again, my shooting may have something to do with the network and it just isn't noticable. They need to fix it and fast because I have put it down for the time being.

Let ask you something, does it bother you that you cannot host a game? I mean, wouldn't you rather create a match, then people join after searching and just enter in ala RSV? I would have thought they'd have made the MP this way, but oh well. It also would have been cool had they made campaign mode co-op, I am sure they heard about this too in their forums from their many fans.

Being able to create a public game would be nice. I want they to have the host switch to the next user when he / se wants to quit. That is far and away my friends biggest gripe with the game. It's almost as annoying as Halo 3. The host quit on us 8 out of 20 rounds today. Another friend of mien told me he is going to play Uncharted and Assassin's Creed until IW gets this game fixed.

Yes, the host quitting unannounced is a bitch to go through and happens a great deal. One thing Halo 3 does well is it changes the host to another instead of closing the round, something they did get right on that aspect. You know, COD3 played pretty smooth for having a 24 player system and a good deal of weapons and vehicle use. I can't knock Treyarch off for that.

No doubt.
I played COD3 a couple months online and don't recall any of these problems. Maybe IW should get together with Treyarch's net team.

Or maybe it is XBL and they should get their shit together. Either case, I am a bit frustrated and I still think this is one of the best MPs I've seen to date on the 360. The looks and the weapons, the maps, everything is just top notch, but I am not playing it right now for the reasons I already listed. The game still gets a 9+ though altogether.

Maybe when they get it fixed we can do some MP together, I kinda suck MP mode shooters, but I do OK, I am real run-n-gun though.

Running and gunning is what I do! I hate camping and sitting still while hiding behind a wall.
The only time I sit still is when I am trying to get my radar up. Than I slow things down and get my quick 3 kills.

gamertag: TomConn

I will send you a request later today.

Go ahead and add me and I'll accept no atter, but I will probably be deeply involved in Mass Effect :-)