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I'd be VERY surprised if Uncharted could even match Ratchet & Clank in
sales. It's not an established franchise and only people who read
magazines or browse the gaming websites are going to know about it.

Isn't the same true for Mass Affect, Gears of War, etc? Seems to me
people find out which are the good games whether they are
established franchises or not.

You make a good point, but what I cannot understand is, why are games
like these that were not franchises took off and sold like
gangbusters (ME has yet to be released, but it will sell), but PS3
games that are new, never made, not selling. I cannot figure out why
people are not buying some of these PS exclusives; the attach rate is
very telling.

Because far less PS3's are in the wild than 360's.

The 360 has sold about 2.25 consoles for every PS3, yet 360 games
(especially the bigger titles) are selling at more than a 7-1 clip. The
PS3 games are not selling. For example, Heavenly Sword, big game, highly
touted and been out for 2 months now, and only sold about 230K. Ratchet
and Clank, just over 180K, been out almost a month

Look at COD4 in its first week (though this isn't an exclusive) it sold
over 507K on the 360 but under 180Kon the PS3, that's nearly a 3-1 ratio.

As for myself, I'm not sure I'll pickup Uncharted. It's a very
pretty game, but I was entranced by the demo by any means.

You were, or were not entranced?

Maybe because the PS3 keeps getting knocked down by nearly every website
and forum. Its no wonder people ain't that interested in the games for it.

IMHO its getting out of control now.

Take all the videos comparing the 360 and PS3 side by side, most of them
are rubbish and I can tell you why. Have a look at COD3, AC and NFS Pro
street pics and videos and all the PS3 ones look washed out. Well for
one thing I have COD3 and downloaded NFS Pro street and they look a damn
sight better on my setup here than they do on those websites, the
textures are excellent and colours are very vibrant, why? Its because
they have the brightness set way too high on the PS3 ones. If I unplug
my PS3 from HDMI and plug the 360 in, the brightness on my TV is set way
too low for it (its almost black) and I have to turn it up. So my guess
is, the default brightness settings on both consoles are way different.

That sounds way too much like a paranoid conspiracy theory. If the
sites are doing a comparison video, they're likely going to optimize
the systems to best showcase the visuals so they can really get down
to which version looks better.