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FlashThreeDee wrote:
Assassin's Creed:

IGN and French video game site

the PS3 version seems to be a quite rushed job, and as much as they
managed to optimize the beginning (still has framerate problems), the
last tier of the game is particularly affected (to the point it is
affecting gameplay).

They shouldn't have released this version so early, there is hope it gets
better with updates though for the PS3-only people (but i doubt they will
invest a lot of resources for a console patch)

Gamespot said the other way around, they said PS3 had better frame rates

As does Call of Duty 4 on the PS3 over the 360 single player.
I still think the games are a wash (COD4 on both systems) but I was
surprised to see such a frame rate hit on certain levels and areas of the
game on the 360.

Back to topic.
does it really care if Assassin's Creed is slightly better on one systems
when it's getting mediocre reviews with the exception of a couple sites /

10 good reviews, 5 mediocre reviews.

Naturally, you focus on the minority view.

I knew the game was going to be like this once I saw the demo of the AI
being displayed. Oh and before the little piss brigade starts bitching
about my opinion on COD4, I am keeping the 360 versions and selling the PS3
version on eBay. It goes off tomorrow.