Re: Dashboard Update: Dec 2 + Xbox game downloads

You can't walk into any GameStop or EBGames and find a used copy of
Halo for $7.50 after tax.

You also won't be able to buy this from XBOX Live for $7.50, as from
the article it seems like the pricing is going to be $15.

If it was $7.50, it would be more reasonable. (Coupons, special offers
and such aside.. retail these are $15)

Super AIDS infected disc fears aside, while buying a game from XBOX
Live has the upside of being quick (ie downloadable) and more reliable
(no disc) it comes with a few downers. The first being $15 is a bit
pricy for something you don't actually get a tangible copy of. (A $15
physical used copy of Halo at least retains some value) and the fact
that your typical XBOX 1 game is going to suck up to 20%-30% of your
available HD space if you have an older system. (Microsoft may use
some compression here though). For typical Live usage, the 20(coff
13gb)gb HD seems to be OK for me, but download a few XBOX games and
you'll need an overpriced larger hard drive quick and when you factor
that into the $15 these old XBOX games start to cost a packet.

Still, its a new pretty major addition to Live so kudos on that,
however economically speaking I doubt i'll download any of these. And
hasn't anyone who wanted to play Halo 1 on their 360 already picked up
a copy by now anyway? Perhaps not.

= numsix