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This is so amusing I'm compelled.

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Xbots love to rub it in about how poorly the PS3 has performed this
year even daring to go so far as to compare it to the disasteristic
Jaguar. Yet one only has to dig a little into history and reveal
Xbox's shockingly bad history.

Xbox debuts in 2001 with one of those worst game libraries in gaming
history. Anyone remember Bruce Lee? Nightcaster? Azurik ? The
console is pricey at $300 bucks.

Same price as the PS2 at launch, right?

Xbox is forced to drop their price a few months later

And offered two games and a controller to early adopters in the UK at least.

Xbox rapes users forcing them to pay big bucks for standard extras
such as a dvd remote and headset.

Funny, I don't recall either of these being bundled with my PS2.

Xbox live debuts in 2002 with a mere handful of Live games. Gamers
have to wait almost a year before decent multiplayer titles come out.

Brute Force is hyped hugely as the next great Halo type game. The
game is a laughable failure with an extremely short game length.
Fable is a similiar experience.

Dare I say Killzone?

Ghost Recon was the best release in 2002 (just a little after Live's debut), and it showed great things for Live. Sony didnt really have a version of online gaming, it wasn't anything. I think only a few games overall were made to use online gaming for PS2 games, and even today there are not that many. Even then, only the game developers provided for online play on 3rd party servers, and most know how well that worked. Also, until the slimline was released, folks had to pruchase a network adapter for the PS2 to do online gaming

The slogan "only on Xbox" becomes an industry joke as several of
Xbox's great exclusives are ported to other consoles. For example,
Splinter Cell found it's way on all other platforms, and even the
great Halo ended up on the PC with a superior version.

I'll concede that the PS2 port of the *first* Splinter Cell game was the better version, but since when did anyone regard the pc version of Halo as superior?

PS2 version was better? It got much lower scores than the Xbox version overall by the critics.

In 2005, Microsoft reveals that they literally lost billions on Xbox.

Just as Sony are losing billions on the PS3...

Microsoft decides to punish anyone who dares to mod their Xbox by
banning them from Live for life.

Wait a minute... Sony did it too!?

Just as Xbox was gathering momentum in 2005, Microsoft completely
drops all support in favor of Xbox 360. Xbox owners are forced to
update or brick their big black box.

Xbox 360 launches in 2005 with only one good game - Call of Duty 2, a
PC title. Xbox 360 would take almost a full year to release one
decent exclusive.

A number of those did quite respectably.

Despite a year head start, on September 12, 2007, it was reported by
the Financial Times that the Xbox 360 had been surpassed by the Wii in
terms of worldwide console sales.

And despite launching around the same time the Wii has outsold the PS3 nearly three times over. What was your point?

Since 2005, Microsoft has yet to turn a profit with over 4 billion
lost. ¼ of this cost went to repairing Xbox's lousy hardware with
their extended warranty.

Man, and you think the PS3 is doing bad?

Yes. Still do.

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