Target to increase shelf space for Blu-ray

One of the largest retail chains in the United States is taking a stance
that could possibly push the industry into choosing a winner between Blu-ray
and HD-DVD. Target, a well respected retail chain and a fierce competitor
with the Wal-Mart franchise, has recently made some moves that favor the
Blu-ray format.

When Target first started to carry the high def formats last year, they were
pretty neutral in terms of which was the better format as they reserved 12
title slots for each. However, recently it has been noted that at a few
Target locations in the Los Angeles area carry 24 title slots for Blu-ray
while HD-DVD remains at the original 12. At a Philadelphia Target, there was
four times the space for Blu-ray titles as there were for HD-DVD.

Furthermore, beginning in October, Target will offer Sony's $499 Blu-ray
player as their chief high def set top box. Andy Parsons, chair of the
promotion committee for Blu-ray had this to say, "The message to the
consumer is that one of these [formats] is dominating. You'll go with the
masses and pick titles from the one that is likely to win." Target had no

This can only mean great things for Blu-ray as it continues to establish
itself as the future HD format for consumers. The holiday season is just
around the corner and it is going to be interesting to see how the battle
between the Sony's format and HD-DVD turns out.