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With that logic, Xbox 1 was dumped because of a small install base.
From what I call, Microsoft dumped the console in its prime. Why?
Simply to make more $$$. Microsoft doesn't care about giving gamers
great experience. They want your money, plain and simple. Why put
your trust in a company that has a history of creating monopolies
charging outrageous prices for their software?

The Xbox 1 was dumped because nVidia was no longer producing the GPU
for the Xbox to even exist. It was nVidia's decision, not Microsoft's.
the Xbox had a better install base than the Gamecube and it had no
the system being 'dumped.' Buried as inaccurate.

It's called a proven track record. Just like I know that a new
Blizzard game is going to be good. The odds that Ps3 will simply
off are slim to none. The odds are better that Sony will be
supporting the PS3 for many years to come.

Remember Minidisc and Betamax? Buried as false propaganda.

If you want to talk history, Xbox 360 had a horrible launch with
like Kameo and Perfect Dark totally tanking. This time last year,
there was only like 2 good games for Xbox. Face it, the console has
produced only two system sellers, Gears of Wars. I will be able to
play Gears of War on my PC with extra content, and Halo 3 will
eventually find its way to PC. There is no reason to own a Xbox for

Gears of War is not TWO system sellers, it is only one. Microsoft has
3, Gears of War, Bioshock, Crackdown (and people really love this
Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Project Gotham Racing, Forza Motorsport 2
Saint's Row as system-selling exclusives that are already available
the exception of Halo 3 coming in a matter of weeks). It has Mass
Lost Odyssey, Splinter Cell Conviction, Fable 2 coming as more
system-selling exclusives. On XBLA, it has Bomberman Live (as pathetic
seems) as the greatest multiplayer game exclusive to the 360. So far,
system sellers the Sony fanbase was expecting out of Warhawk, Lair and
Heavenly Sword are anything but that. Buried as ill-informed

= weeks of not having a console. That would suck around holidays.
Regardless of their
Warranty, it is still a major pain to have to package and mail your
console to them.

It's a major pain to put a console in a ready-made box and bringing it
the post office? You must have been one hell of an idiot student.
pure stupidity.

That's lame. Yes, I have the option to NOT use these features if I
don't want to.
The inferior ports have only been the result of lazy developers, not
Sony's fault. Oblivion proved to be quite SUPERIOR on PS3, and
Gaiden Sigma blew Xbox's version out of the water.

Oblivion is worse on the PS3 and every reviewer thinks so.. your
a twat means nothing in comparison to dozens of experienced

What? Unless you're referring to the lack of DLC for Oblivion on the
PS3, the professional reviews pretty much all say that the PS3 version
is _slightly_ better looking and better running than the Xbox 360
version. Please show proof that "every reviewer thinks" that
Oblivion's base game is worse on the PS3, in terms of comments (the
scores will be lower, of course, because of the lack of DLC for the

Here's an easy one. Go to, write in Oblivion. Xbox 360's
version gets 94.1%, the PS3 one gets 93%. Now go show me even ONE
review that says the PS3 version is better.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

Here's an even easier one- how about actually READING what I said? I
said the scores will be lower because of the lack of DLC, but the
reviews say the ACTUAL CORE GAME looks and plays a tad better on the
PS3. The DLC issue isn't performance related- I'd gamble that
Bethesda had an exclusivity deal with MS, although Shivering Isles
will be included in the GOTY edition for the PS3 later on.

You want reviews that note this slight improvement?

Now don't come back until you have a boatload of reviews that say it
performs worse than the 360 version. It's simple- the slightly lower
average score is due to the missing opportunity to download
expansions. If you want to argue about technical inferiority, a more
intellectually honest argument would be to cite the lower scores for
Rainbow Six: Vegas for the PS3.

Nick, how much better in performance would Oblivion had been on the PS3 if
the data hadn't been replicated? The only better graphics in the game was
the draw distance, and the buildings looked a little better from long
distances. My buddy next door has it on the PS3, and to be honest, other
than load times, it looks no different. In fact, one thing the PS3 versions
does that the 360 doesn't, is you see objects appear suddenly in the
distance as opposed to gradually coming into view like they do ion the 360.- Hide quoted text -

But the argument isn't "if"- it's the claim that Oblivion is worse
performance-wise on the PS3, which the reviews don't bear out. And
whether or not the data was replicated is irrelevant, if we're looking
at the results. Obviously, the slower read speed of the Blu-ray drive
requires duplication of data- whether that only partially cancels out
the storage advantage, or completely undoes it is something no one has
found any hard and fast figures on. Again, if Cellfish wanted to make
a valid and honest argument, he could bring up RSV, which reviews say
looks muddier and jaggier on the PS3, or the lower framerates for