Re: Migrating to XBox

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At the request of my children, I am considering migrating to XBox 360.
Up to now, we have been a Playstation family - PS1, PS2, PSP. The kids
believe the gaming & games is now better on XBox.

Now enter the dad's concerns: I have heard about the red circle of
death, overheating, disc scratching, etc. My conversations with the
local Gamestop manager have been informative but OVERWHELMINGLY
positive over the XBox,

I was wondering whether it was possible for me to buy an XBox that
just came off the production line - and might be cleaner and less
likely to incur the aforementioned problems. Do serial numbers provide
any info on when the unit was produced?

Or is there another way?



They are always making improvements but they aren't going to tell you
when or what they are for fear of being unable to clear out older
stock. There is also no guarantee that they are competent enough to
fix the problem, since they designed the original faulty hardware.
This is not to be negative, but just to stress that there is no magic
formula for getting a "good" unit. My guess is that the console will
be dogged throughout its lifetime by one quality problem or another.

So if you've made up your mind to get one, don't obsess too much over
it. If it happens, it happens, and you will at least be covered under
the warranty. Heck, go out and get one today.

I was also in the same boat as you... I was always quite a sony fanboy in
regards to GrandTheftAuto, MetalGearSolid, and they used to be more widely
used by friends. It was only a bored saturday afternoon I thought i'm going
to get a new game, went down to GAME (uk store), I ended up buying a crystal
Xbox and 6 games for £200... best move i ever could've made... The hardware
is durable and much better made. The online service is 2nd to none and much
more organised!

take the plunge... you won't regret it...