10 Reasons why PS3 is Superior to Xbox

I find all these system wars posts to be humorous because a year from
now, it will all be forgotten as PS3 dominates the market. Let me lay
out the reasons why people should buy PS3 instead of Xbox:

1. Sony has a history of milking their consoles for years and years.
PS2 is still going strong today. Xbox has a history of dumping their
consoles after just 2 -3 years. PS3 may be more expensive, but you
will definitely get your money's worth in the long run.

2. Sony has a history of massive game libraries. Stop all the moaning
about the weak library. This is only temporarily. A year from now,
Sony's exclusive library will easily rival or beat Xbox. Look at the
PSP. It is a failed handheld, yet now has a huge library.

3. Ring Red of Death, nuff said.

4. Sony is about giving options to players. Microsoft is about
nickeling and diming you for everything. Microsoft also offers a lot
of cheap gimmicks to get your money like a Halo themed console.
Oooooh. Big freaking deal. You can load Linux on a PS3 and open up
all kinds of possibilities including surfing the internet. Basically
you can jack into a PS3 that uses USB.

5. Free online play. Xbox'rs will claim that Xbox live is really very
cheap, but when you add in all the extra crap you pay for, it gets
expensive. Charging for a skin or new map? That's sad. With the
freedom of PS3, players will eventually be able to upload mods and new
maps. Plus, let's say Xbox 360 lasts another 3 years. That's $150
bucks adding to your console price. Not cheap.

6. PSN keeps getting better - new demos, games and videos are being
added weekly.

7. Xbox sucks at role playing games. Two Worlds is proof of this.
Sony won with PS3 because of the excellent RPG games. They will do
the same with PS3 starting with Folklore.

8. Blu-ray is going to win. Cmon, everyone knows it will happen.

9. You can only play the Haze and Unreal this year on PS3. The odds
of Haze being a dull FPS is slim. It is developed by Ubisoft who has
a proven track record of excellent titles. Unreal will offer killer

10. Historically and overall, Final Fantasy is a bigger franchise than
Halo and you can only play it on PS3!