Re: Reviewers turn against Heavenly Sword too...

On 27 Aug, 00:28, The King of Gaming <king.of.gam...@xxxxxxxxxxx>
On Aug 26, 6:11 pm, Swam Mold Troll <swam_mol...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes, you stupid troll... I can feel how disappointed you are from
here. You are truly "hurt".

The only hurt you feel is the constant pain about being beaten to
hiding by me every time we spar.

"We"? I thought I was talking to the RMZ troll. Did you get your
identities mixed up again? Wouldn't be the first time.

In your imagination they look and play better. In reality, there is
minimal or no difference (unless you slow the tape down like fanboy
sites have resorted to).

The only instance when a Ps3 game looks better is when it's had an
extra 18 months of development, and has had a previous version
released to build on beforehand.

Oblivion remains the sole game, and even then, the difference is not
striking, and only in certain areas.

Meanwhile the differences ARE there for all to see, and in some cases,
cause the game to suck whence it was a good game before on the 360.

Take Splinter Cell: Double Agent as a prime example.

Again, minor differences that don't affect gameplay and wouldn't be
noticed by anyone who wasn't told. Keep imagining, and keep spinning,

They may not affect game play, but then the whole reason of upgrading
to a new console that costs $599 or $499 is to get the best looking
games. Clearly that logic has escaped you. Unsurprising, since you are
a blind PS3ealot.

PS3 owners have to be shaking their heads in
disbelief and how much SONY has failed them, I would say lied to them
as well.

Yes, just like Microsoft "lied" to its owners with its miserable
lineup until Gears of War launched. Keep spinning, loser.

The only spinning here is you, desperately looking for reasons to bash
the mighty 360. You lose, again, as you forget that GRAW, Saints Row,
Oblivion, Project Gotham 3, and Call of Duty all launched befor Gears
of War did - and all were excellent, if not compelling games.

Saints of Row and PGR were middling games at best, CoD, GRAW and
Oblivion were available elsewhere (since Xbots never count multi-
platform games for PS3, they don't count for 360 either). I will
throw in Dead Rising, but other than than a lot of first-year JUNK.
Which Xbots conveniently forget.

Given you are a rabid PS3ealot who dismisses anything that just
happens to be released on a rival platform as junk, I am totally
unsurprised by your pissy dismissal of some excellent 360 games. Given
that all one has to do is take a look at Gamestats and, to see you are both stupid, and biased, I don't
really count your opinion as anything other than a form of idiocy.

Face facts, you are wrong again, and you cant spin enough.

That's why the 360 sold 1.7 million more units at the same point in
it's life compared to the PS3. Pretty much shoots your theory and lies
down in flames, troll.

Keep lying and spinning, troll. Just makes it easier in the end.

I see you conveniently forgot to look at the stats provided by an
indipendant source. That's not unusual for you, since it clearly does
not support your made up view. You know you are just clinging onto the
last vestiges of credibility here - if you ever had any to begin with.

While I can provide solid facts, all you can do is stick your fingers
in your ears and shout LA LA LA.

If that makes you feel better, fine - but I find it rather amusing and
will ensure I keep pointing it out to you!