Re: July NPD numbers

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Dam. Nintendo still kicking ass and PS3 still couldn't beat the 360
even with the price cut.

July Hardware Figures

Wii 425 k
Nintendo DS 405 k
PlayStation 2 222k
PlayStation Portable 214k
Xbox 360 170k
PlayStation 3 159k
Game Boy Advance 87k

Yep..close but no cigar. With Halo 3 coming out, Sony will have to
wait until well after Xmas (with MGS4 coming out) to have a chance to
top the 3-shitty...err...I mean the 360

MGS 4 MIGHT do it, but only temporarily.

Halo Wars, Alan Wake, Fable 2 - just the announced titles for 2008.

Then there's whatever MS has up it's sleave, along with further price
cuts (which are inevitable, since they have yet to introduce the 60nm