Re: What Arcade games from the past would you like to see on XBox Live arcade?

On Aug 5, 8:36 am, RMZ <Jeremy.De...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
My picks would be:

1. Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

2. The Simpsons Arcade

3. Daytona USA (there has never been a home version to match the
Arcade's reported 60fps) and it would give us another arcade-style
racer to make that steering wheel a bit more appealing. Rad Mobile and
Crazy Taxi would also be nice.

4. Knights of the Round

5. WWF Wrestlefest

6. Gauntlet Legends

Star Wars: Pod Racer
Neo Geo: WindJammers
Street Fighter Vs. X-men
Forgotten Worlds
Golden Tee
WWF Wrestlefest
Daytona USA
Time Crisis
Rush: The Rock
D&D (1 or 2)