Re: XBox 360 price drop coming August 12th? Ad scans show $50 price drop....

On 30 Jul, 08:53, RMZ <Jeremy.De...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Jul 30, 2:05 am, Rich Hutnik <getr...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Jul 29, 6:00 pm, "infiltrate" <hellh...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

dont buy it!! theyre just trying to get rid of the crappy models before the
new and improved one comes out in a few months

Which likely will have the exact same price.

- Rich

Do you mean you suspect the price will raise? I think the $50 price
cut (assuming the ads are not a hoax) will be permanent. The PS3 and
XBox 360 are at two different stages in their life. Sony has said
essentially they moved the $599 60-gb model to $499 as a discontinued
sku. In other words it's a clearance price. Microsoft may be doing the
same thing, but logically they would be a point now to keep the $50
reduced price.

Dont humor these PS3tards - they all want to believe their sweet
little fantasies, as it's all they have.

No decent games, pitiful sales, and decreasing interest in the
company's home territory.

Oh dear.


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