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Anyone else playing this? The more I play, the more I like the game. It
does have faults and problems, but damn it does a fantastic job of
playing a game of football.

Some of the really impressive things it does well:

1. Route-running - simply amazing. The defenders will actually try to
knock receivers off their lines, while the receivers will sometimes slip
on their cuts, or get diverted and lose their timing because of the DBs.
It really looks like football.

2. Blocking - wow. The OL actually blocks like a real OL and will push
the ends to the outside, while the DL will try to maneuver around or
through the OL. There is a real pocket in 2k8 and you better learn how
to use it, especially if you are playing with a pocket passer.

3. Running - again, this is really sweet when you get used to it. If you
follow your blocks, the game rewards you. It looks like a real NFL game.

Some of the problems:

1. Momentum - the momentum system is way, way too sensitive. Don't move
the stick much or your QB will run himself out of the play and take a
while to get back on his feet.

2. Graphics - while the animations are beautiful, the field and most
other areas (other than the uniforms) are definitely "last-gen."

3. Lack of franchise - this is disappointing, yet somewhat
understandable. I am not sure how they will be able to work this in for
the future in a game about legends, although it would be cool to help
develop your own legends.

4. Penalties - there are a few penalties that are well done (delay of
game, illegal forward pass, encroachment), but the common NFL penalties
(offensive holding, defensive holding, false start, pass interference,
and many others) are pretty much non-existent. I haven't cranked the
sliders ALL the way up yet, but it doesn't seem to help them at all.

Overall - even with its faults - this is the best game of football I've
ever played. And that comment comes from someone who did not like 2k5 at
all because of the horrible DB play.

LOL. Rob, were you in our AGVX 2K5 league with Robert and Hostile and some
other guys like Dimentia and Green Shampoo? If so, I think I remember the
exact moment you got fed up. We were playing league game and I was KC and I
kept throwng outs to Tony Gonzales and your DB would never turn around so I
kept doing it. Our league disbanded shortly after that.

Haha, yeah, that does sound familiar.