Re: Does anyone else completely hate April Fools Day?

On Apr 1, 5:47 am, Unmutual <andrewstirl...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Really can't see the point of it. Internet becomes full of clearly bogus
stories for a day. It's not funny. It's not interesting. It's just
really really tiring.

Tell me about it. I *DESPISE* April Fools Day. It makes the internet
worthless for several days (since this shit starts days before and
goes for days afterwards). Slashdot, usenet groups, just about every
other tech news website become unreadable. And people are constantly
stumbling on the old joke stories and repeating them as fact.

Can't we just get rid of April Fools Day, replace it with a "National
Dumbass Day" on George Bush's birthday, and be done with it?