Re: OMG Microsoft throws down the gauntlet at PS3

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Add on the wireless adapter ($129),

Nope. I already had a wireless adapter before purchasing my 360.
Even if I didn't, I could run an Ethernet link from my 360 to my HTPC
and connect to Live using ICS. Subtract $129.

HD-DVD drive ($200),

Not necessary to play games or even HD media on the 360. Subtract

charge kit ($20),

Core system comes with a wired controller which never requires
charging. Subtract $20. Or subtract $10 if you go to Target and get
a 4xAAA charge kit with batteries (something you can use in both a 360
and your digital camera, but never be able to use in a PS3

$499+129+200+20-40 = $808 for similarly equipped 360, while my 60gig
PS3 is $699...

$699 sure is a lot to pay for a paperweight.

...unless you want a wireless controller on a HD console that plays HD
movies and connects via wi-fi...and which wireless adapter (other than
the $129 360 adapter) works on the 360?

Funny that - I was playing a HD movie on my 360 last night, and I
didn't need a $200 add on to do it.

How? XBOX Live Marketplace.

Great service that, rent a movie for around $4 and it's all in HD!

You do get movies in HD but to be fair, they're only 720p...