Re: Australian PS3 launch: no excitement

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Wow, I'm impressed with Sony :) Finally they did something right, lets hope
this is the start of a major comeback.

LOL Rewarding 100 measly people with a free TV isn't even going to
come close to satisfing ALL consumers in Europe who were subjected to
having to wait until dead last to get a PS3, pay the most for it, and
are further "rewarded" with broken backward compatability.

Yeah, good job Sony! Sony's new motto: "If we satisfy even ONE
customer, it will all be worth it".

LOL, leave it to pile of shit 360 fanboys to *complain* about a free
TV giveaway. It's amazing how bitter you get when your 360 has died a
few times and you're checking the mail every morning to see if you're
refurbished, soon-to-die 360 has arrived. Stupid fanboy loser.

Nobody's complaining about the giveaway... they're just pointing out
that it was a tactic Sony HAD to use in order to get people to line up
for the midnight launch.