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I think MS is making a mistake by asking for additional coin for this

Why? The Premium will be the new Core, and drop in price.

too bad devs still have to work under the assumption that there might not
a hard drive present...

I wonder if there's statistical data available that shows the
percentage of Xbox 360 users who own the Core system without a hard

This whole mindset seems odd to me. The percentage can't be that high
and I can't imagine that a developer would say "I'm going to develop
this game without hard drive capabilities because 10% of the owners,
many of whom might not even buy my game anyway, don't have hard

Microsoft should just own up to their mistake of not making the hard
drive standard, maybe give Core owners some little bonus for their
troubles (maybe a discount on a hard drive), and just kill the Core
system completely.

I'm hoping that MS will offer $20-$25 off a 120GB HDD for current
registered premium owners. But what they may just do is include a USB
transfer device to convert files from one to the next. I'm sure they'll have
to work that out somehow. That would be my biggest concern.