Re: Which model XBox 360

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How did you discover this from GameStop? I've had suspicions about EB Games
doing this as well, but I've not been able to prove it. Was their wear on
the instructions in the box or something after you got the box open?

When I got the game home I noticed the seal did not have a strong
stick to it and there was no shrinkwrap on the game. When I bought
the game I didn't think to take it out of the bag and inspect it
before walking out of the store. It wasn't a big deal since the game
and manual were in mind condition but it's a big deal in other ways
since the pracitce is both immoral and ILLEGAL.

I don't know if BB is doing anything shady or not, but don't put it past a
large company to do something stupid like that. A major reason Packard Hell,
aka Packard Bell, does not sell computers anymore in the US is they got
nailed with horrible press surrounding a settlement of a class action suit
in 1995 for putting used and returned parts in computers they sold as brand

Yeah I agree I could see a large company doing something like this IF
they could get away with it. Packard Bell could get away with this
for a long time since it's hard to tell a computer part like a video
card is used. However it should be much more obvious when an entire
game console has been opened, unpackaged, and used and then