Re: Can anyone tell a difference between 720p and 1080i in game or HD movies on the 360?

"Tomcat (Tom)" <tom_dallas31@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The human eye has a very hard time telling the difference between 720p
and 1080i. I've seen a 1080i broadcast displaying on two 42" LCD's
side by side, one was a 1080p and the other was a 720p, and could not
tell the difference no matter how close I got to the screen.

Now if the screen was 60" then the extra 1080i resolution would be more
apparent on a 1080p HDTV.

But as others have mentioned, none of this applies to 360 games,
because most games are in 720p and only upscaled to 1080i.

Yeah. And wouldn't the frame rate be better with 1080i than 720p since 1080i
is the GPU/CPU essentially displaying 540 lines of resolution at once, just
with half the refresh rate?