Re: if PS3 will be the defacto BD player then why

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Nomad wrote:

When the PS2 came out, it didn't cannibalize the sales of the stand alone
DVD players either. In fact, stand alone players can still be found in
abundance and in many of the same stores selling PS2 systems albeit at
substantially lower prices than when such machines were originally

I don't have a position here, but your logic is flawed. People wanted
DVD players then, and the PS2 was relatively cheap.

I didn't say otherwise. Reread my statement, I said, "When the PS2 came
out, it "DIDN'T" cannabalize the sales of stand alone players."

People still want
DVD players, and that is why they are so cheap (cheaper than even the
once cheap PS2). Hardly anyone wants or cares about BD or HD-DVD.
Apples and oranges.

True, because the install base of HDTVs is still relatively small. DVD
players were further along as a maturing product when the PS2 was released.
However, the fact people hardly care at this moment about BD or HD-DVD
doesn't mean it will always be that way. Nonetheless, if you read my entire
first post, it wasn't an argument in favor of BD or HD-DVD, it was a
response to the OP who seemed to feel that the PS2 would cannibalize the
sales of other manufacturers selling stand alone players. My point had
nothing to do with the overall volume of sales or the acceptance of BD or
HD-DVD, that's another issue entirely.

It took several years for DVDs to catch on and they really didn't do so
until the players and media began dropping in price. None of the Hi Def
formats are currently in any way competitively priced with DVD players or
media and I wouldn't expect, nor have I stated that any of the Hi Def
formats are currently poised to replace DVDs and that was not the point of
either of my two posts.