Re: Console fanbois annoy me, so here's something to chew on . . .

"Jordan" <lundj@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

stratinator@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
All this petty "XFlop" vs. "P(O)S3" stuff is silly. If you want to
play real games, just upgrade your PC.

I prefer to keep the PC for work. The last thing I want to do is dick
around with crappy device drivers that crash my machine, need constant
updating and babysitting, and lame keyboard and mouse controls because
99% of PC games can't see fit to support a gamepad.

- Jordan

I'd have to agree with that, I used to worry about it but I could have spent
more than what my 360 cost just to upgrade my computer to play games that
were up to the 360's standard. And even then you'll always get one that you
need something else to play. At least when you buy a console you know that
all the games you can buy for that console will actually work on it without
you stuffing around with it.