Re: E3 according to the trolls.

Hey Rude Dave... what are you talking about? What does your link prove?
That I almost fell asleep during Sony's press conference? I mean did
you even sit throught the thing? And speaking of being a 12 year old I
always wanted to meet someone who was a year older than me. Man,
someone older than me, I'm impressed! I really don't know what point
you're trying to make other than you really don't know what your
talking about. All I was doing was giving the PS3 a nick name like all
you smart guys do with the XBox 360 but I guess it's alright for you to
do so but not me? I mean we all know that the PS3 is the 'Holy Grail'
of gaming don't we? Afterall Nintendo had nothing to do with gaming did
they? Or did I miss something? Were you even around in the 80's? As far
as I'm concerned I could care less who the BIG winner is in the gaming
industry. All I want to do is play good if not great games and I just
don't see it happening anymore with the Play Suck 3. Oh, I'm sorry the
PS3. How many game sites do you run anyway? What do you do in the
industry and where have you been in the last month? What inside info do
you have? If you knew anything you would know that right now is a
critical time for the gaming industry but you would rather point out
that anyone other than yourself is a 12 year old. Quite mature of you!
Go ahead and tell me you've been to E3 and tell me you run a couple of
gaming sites then I might listen but right now I really don't know what
you're trying to prove.. (the inside scoop, Fizz almost fell asleep at
the Sony show, wow) Could the Sony show have been anymore boring? Oh
well, I guess I'm to young to understand.........