Re: Sales on original Xbox? $100 price point vs. lame bundles

Well doing some shopping in my area these places all had the xbox for i'm
guessing $150. i didnt look at the price but just to see if it was a bundle
or not. Toys r us/circuit city/target/compusa/best buy and walmart had the
xbox in stock & didnt make you get a bundle. If you don't have any of those
stores in your area then maybe try online. I don't know any city that hasn't
had the evil empire of walmart come into it's city to take over so far. hell
i've got 1 10 minutes away in every friggin direction. Anyway hope you find
o xbox.
<danatnt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Looking around in my local retail stores, the price of the original
> Xbox seems only to have gone up - I don't even see the $150 price, but
> $150+ bundles.
> Anyone know if the original Xbox will go down in price any time soon? I
> seem to recall EB having a $99 sale on original Xbox consoles (new, not
> used) a few months ago, but I may be mistaken.


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