Re: How many here own an XBOX *AND* another console?

I own all three but this was not intensional.

Got a PS2 first as this came out first. Parents wanted to watch some DVDs
at one time and I didn't have the cash to buy a DVD player for them. Lent
them the PS2 for a while. Then realised that it took a lot of effort to
teach them how to use the PS2 as a DVD player and didn't want to go through
the hassle of teaching them again.

So.....I got myself an XBox. Then DVD Players came down in price and Xmas
was on the horizon so I got my folks a DVD Player. Took the time to teach
them to use it and took back my PS2.

My sis wanted the PS2 to play the dance mats so gave it to her.

The company that supplies Tesco, Woolworths, Virgin and HMV mispriced a
Pokomon Colosseum GameCube black bundle over Xmas so I picked up the console
for £33. Actually got 2 buying one from Woolies and one from Tescos
thinking that they'd say it was a misprice and reject the order. But both
came through. Gave one console to a mate.

Having said that, I am in no rush to get an XBox 360 or PS3. The current
generation of consoles are adequate. The XBox 360 is likely to come down in
price shortly after next Xmas. I might consider getting one then. The PS3
is going to take more time to come down in price and media costs are high
and so games are likely to be expensive for a while. I'll probably make a
judgement as to whether the XBox 360 is sufficiently satisfying as to
whether to invest in a PS3.

The Nintendo Revolution is likely to be a cheap second console, so I'll
probably go for that once it starts to drop in price. I think that the
console market is too big for 3 players and like Sega, Nintendo will bow out
when this console flops. However, I like Nintendo and Sega, especially for
their Jap RPGs, so I will get this console. Its just a question of when.

With the current generation of consoles, I like XBox for its XBox Live and
its multiplayer games like Halo and Ghost Recon. I like Nintendo for its
Jap RPGs. The PS2 is good, but if the current trend continues into the next
generation, its probably the least likely to be bought by me. I'm not
saying its not any good - I think that for those that play a heck of a lot
of games, mainly solo, it will be the best option as most people go for the
Sony consoles such that ultimately games are produced en masse which forces
prices down (with the PS3, this will take some time given that it uses new
technology media).