Re: I can't believe where I scored my 360

"boodybandit" <boodybandit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>I struck out at Wal-Mart (they only had cores left)
> Target (SAA)
> TRU (60 people in line @ 10pm for 40 systems in morning)
> CC (didn't want their stupid bundle)
> So I said WTF what now?
> Headed over Sam's pulled out my lounger and quilts.
> Store manager showed up a couple hours later and asked me what I was doing
> there.
> Told him I was hoping to possibly score a 360.
> He said I'll be right back.
> Came back with a #1 ticket, took my name and told me to be back @ 7am.
> Wifey is on her way home with it now.

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