Re: XBOX 360 & Wal-Mart

Mattinglyfan wrote:

I have it on Xbox and PSP, why would I want it on 360?

Unless EA is lying their asses off this new Madden is suppose to be built from the ground up. It should be a whole new experience, in a way.

360 Version doesn't have franchise mode.

Gamespot said in a preview that it does.

"If you'd been wondering about it, we can confirm that Madden 06 for the 360 will feature a franchise mode--one that in some ways is much deeper than its predecessor. For one thing, when simulating games, every play in every quarter in every game is fully logged. By scrolling through previous weeks' games, you can press down on the right thumbstick to get a massive amount of player and team stats, as well as detailed breakdowns of scoring summaries for any game you wish. For players who love spending time poring over stats and scouting opponents, this feature should be right up your alley."