Re: Holy shit. The Revolution's controller is going to kick ass!

massivegrooves <massivegrooves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yep...don't see how in the hell you are going to make a game like Madden or
> Tony Hawk, or well numerous other games work on it. Not only due to the
> limited amount of buttons, but are developers really going to go out of
> thier way to make a special version/configuration for this "special"
> Revolution controller? VERY doubtful.

Well, they could go the Sega Dreamcast route - speciality $60 controllers
for each game? ;) Or, maybe you could tape the controller to your
skate/snowboard and jump up and down trying to pull the various tricks
like some demented DDR clone... could do a football game where you actually have to THROW the
controller to another player. Just think of it - all your friends could
play using just ONE controller! Let's see Sony or Microsoft do that, eh?
You could even have an opposing team, as the controller could sense when it
was thrown, caught, dropped, or was tackled. In fact, why use the
controller at all? You and your friends could simply play outside! With
a REAL football even!

And wait until you see what they're going to do for baseball! Throw the
analog contrller at the player, who then swings the other controller to
simulate hitting the ball! Genius! You CAN play baseball indoors again -
complete with the fun of destroying your living room! :)


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