Re: Well, time to cancel deposit on 360 and wait...

Doug Jacobs wrote:
The big thing about backwards compatibility is that it's a sales feature. It helps close the deal. If someone was on the fence about which to buy, being told that one console actually plays the library of two consoles could help tip the decision - even if the person doesn't end up actually playing that many (if any) older games.

With the Xbox, you couldn't have backwards compatibility, so you couldn't hold that against them. However, with the Xbox360, NOT having full backwards compatibility could be seen as a weakness (one less "check mark" for them - one more for PS3.) No it might not be a deal breaker for first time Xbox buyers but it might cause them to pause.

This is an area where I just don't what MS is thinking.

For a long time they downplayed BC. And the all of a sudden they felt compeled to claim BC.

It seems they have created an issue that just wasn't there and now seems to be a constant thorn in the side of the 360. People hear a claim of BC for the 360 and then are dissapointed to learn that it is only for some titles.

Everyone seemed to accepted the fact of no 360 BC. I don't know why they just didn't stick to downplaying it and then at some later, even after release, surprised everyone with releasing the stuff needed for BC support for a large number of big titles.