Re: Well, time to cancel deposit on 360 and wait...

Doug Jacobs wrote:
babanoosh <snoop@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Consider the many people who DON'T have an Xbox. If XBox360 was fully backwards compatible, this would give them access to the older games as well as the new ones from day one.

At this point, the many people who don't already have an xbox probably wouldn't be very interested in an xbox, don't you think?

Not necessarily... The majority of households are only going to buy *one* console per generation. This is where the real fight between Sony and Microsoft is going to take place. People like you and me are going to buy both (if not all 3) simply because we're gamers, collectors, and/or have the disposable income available.

I don't see how this has to do with "one console per generation". Next console this fall= new generation= one console. Most (not all) folks will not care about backwards compatibility. Most (not all) that like the xbox HAVE an xbox. That's all I'm saying.

Even then, I didn't decide to get an Xbox until earlier this year. At that point, I was torn between waiting to see if the 360 was going to be backwards compatible, and just buying an Xbox "now". My wife solved that problem for me :D But had I known back then that Xbox360 was going to be fully backwards compatible, I would have just waited for the 360, and just buy a bunch of Xbox games.

That's cool. Personally, I definitely wouldn't buy an xbox unless for modding. There is an increasing diminishing return IMO. I don't see an interesting game coming out until probably the Suffering 2 and Seven Sorrows and that's months away.

It also gives the Xbox360 a larger library on day one - something that potential customers are going to be interested in.

People that want to purchase the Xbox 360 on day numero uno (and pay the heftiest) price do not appear to me, to be the ones concerned with playing xbox 1 titles, except for you ;)

Well, I'm with that lad as far as this, but then I guess that could be because my box is modded and has way to much value in its multimedia capabilities for me to ever think about parting with it.

I'm aware of the awesome capabilities a modded Xbox posesses, but I'm ignoring those since your average person isn't going to be interested in something like that.

I wasn't really relating to anyone else, just running at the mouth :0

 At this rate, I'll probably make a

decision between PS3 and Xbox360 after each has had a price drop.

Decision? I thought you just said people like you and me are going to buy all three?

By both big dollar! :) I know you're staying in the valley so you must be rich.

Doesn't matter. I just don't have the time to play that I used to. Seems to be the inevitable curse of being an older gamer...

I concur. .