Re: It's Not all Abaraba's Fault...

But, anyway, what's your point?

You just made my point yourself, crazy numskull.

You're accusing me of something I have nothing to
do with, except being a victim myself, which is the
reason why I now live in NZ, ok? I actually lived in
the other two republics and so I was a target to both
sides, and then after fleeing to Belgrade I was nearly
killed by Nazi-USA bombardment where they tired to free
the "rebels", which were actually Islamic extremists and
seeking to steal the land via secession, like in American
Civil war. They're doing the same thing now with Libya, by
"helping" the wrong side, and they are doing it by actually
KILLING people living in a city like, you and me, which have
nothing to do with any of that. All those people bombarded in
Libya are war criminals as well, perhaps?


Rhetorically then, what is your point with rubbish talk about me?