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I have a vertical monitor do I rotate Maximus frontend?

I have another question for Maximus users - why wuld you pay money for a
frontend for freeware emulators?

Um... because it works well? I set up my machine so that after the
computer starts up, Maximus starts with my custom video (I used an
mpeg conversion of the Quicktime "The Games that Time Forgot",
sometimes rotating in a different startup vid). It handles all the
different emulations within a seamless interface that my kids and
their friends can understand. See
for another infopage. How about this: I love the old Space Ace/DL
games. I bought the PC-CD set. I can set up a batchfile command to
launch it from the same interface as the Daphnie and MAME32 games.
And I can set up the attract video clip to play *within* the interface
screen. The next thing I want to do is create some swf animations for
the favorites, with a combination of screenshots, sounds from the
game, and a reference to show which controller sets to use for which
game. (I have a trackball, spinner, 2 lightguns, 6 joysticks, and
over a hundred buttons arranged in optimal setups for the the various
games. Keyword search "Thousand Dollar Joystick" on photobucket to
see the pictures!) Its built in jukebox is mediocre at best,
especially with a multi-gb library, but I can pick my own jukebox to
slot right in... all using the same interface. What other frontend
does all that? Yes you have to buy it. Yes you can use all features
for 30 days for free. Yes he offers free updates, not like you have
to buy each new rev or pay a subscription.
Its a great program and currently is limited more by my own skills and
time than by its capabilities. I'll probably buy a jukebox program
soon, and put it in to run under the Maximus interface.

Oh, you forgot it also works for vertical monitors such as in a
cocktail cabinet...however I still Don't know how to DO IT!
Plus playing mame in an arcade cabinet is just stupid if it looks like
a computer ,if you're gonna have a windows looking frontend why not
just stand in front of your home computer.- Hide quoted text -

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email mameseer at maximusarcade dot com and he can answer the
question, I think.- Hide quoted text -

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I have, no reply yet. After reading the forums it seems like it may
have been addressed and is possible but I can't find any
documentation. Hopefully he'll get back to me soon.- Hide quoted text -

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He emailed me last night... I replied and asked him directly how it
is done so as soon as he tells me I'll post if he doesn't respond to
you first.